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who am I?

2010-03-31 08:37:49 by CrapMusicStation

I have a profile on newgrounds where I post all my "appropriate" music and this is the profile where I'll post only songs that are:


so.... add me all to your favourite artist lists!

If you can guess who I am, then I'll make a song, dedicated to you and you may say whatever it will be :P


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2010-04-02 09:19:45

Dude where's tha music? :P

CrapMusicStation responds:

not yet approved by the guys here....


2010-05-04 09:08:50

we have each other added on msn so i kinda know EVERYTHING about you except where you live, work and poop.

(Updated ) CrapMusicStation responds:

what? I thought I didn't tell anyone that this is my profile :O